God desires that we would be close to Him. He loves our participation and has uniquely shaped us to help in what He is doing... MAKING DISCIPLES. Our preference is to do it together! Below are a few teams you can join to help further that mission.

If any of them interest you, simply email the contact below each team. If you desire a little more info, feel free to reach out to Alison She'd love to help you discover the best fit for you and the skill set God has given you.


Lead: Alison

Whether delivering meals, visiting hospitals, helping with household work, or providing financial relief, we believe our highest calling is to love and serve others just as Jesus did. Our hope and goal is to lavishly love those in need.



Lead: Michael

We share the love of Jesus with Arbor’s kiddos through relationship. This happens when caring leaders are willing to show up consistently, show care relationally, and share God’s story intentionally. That could be holding babies, playing with toddlers or leading an elementary group.



Lead: Alisa

Our team brings the party to life here at Arbor! Our goal is to foster connection and strengthen community through some really fun experiences. We are about utilizing our collective creativity, administrative skills, and servant hearts to make these events purposeful and engaging.



Lead: Jerrod

From prepping for Sunday services to tidying up after, this is the team that creates a clean, warm and welcoming environment for us to gather and worship together. As projects come up, both simple repairs and larger scale jobs, we contribute our time and talent to get the work done.



Lead: Jeff

This ministry makes the magic of services happen every Sunday. Behind the scenes, they pull the stings to enhance the message of the morning. They run everything from the sound board, to ProPresenter slides, to the temperature in the room. If you have the skills or any interested in learning the ropes, we could use your help.



Lead: Breanna + Kevin

God is telling a story through His people at this church, and this team has the privilege of capturing and illustrating that story. If you have a dSLR and a love for taking photos, we’re in need of your artistic skills!



Lead: Jan

Our Prayer Team intercedes on behalf of the church family to bring the healing power of Jesus to hurting hearts. They pray as a group prior to services, as prayer partners during services, and privately for requests throughout the week. If you have a heart for prayer we covet your participation on this mission-critical team.



Lead: Bryan

The teen years can be so messy. And because of that, the role of a faithfully consistent leader who helps navigate the waters of adolescence is absolutely critical. Not only that, but it’s also a whole lot of fun! We’re looking for adults who love God and really really like students.



Lead: Ryan

Ushers have the privilege of welcoming people into the sanctuary every week. They are the friendly faces who help in a variety of ways: by handing out connection cards, finding folks a place to sit, receiving the offering, and administering communion. The only job requirement is that you like people!



Lead: Katie

The true first impression of Arbor Church! From the parking lot, to greeting at the door, to serving fresh hot coffee… the Welcome Team exists to create an environment where every individual who walks in feels welcome! As a part of this team you would help make our guests feel at home, add to the caring community, and play a significant role in helping people have a positive experience.



Lead: Hayden

The Worship Team exists to lead our church into the presence of God through song. God grants a multitude of musical talents including singing and the playing of instruments. This team is made up of those individuals who have not only been blessed with talent, but a heart for worship as well. Auditions happen on a rolling basis.