Sign Up for a Group

Groups have one simple purpose: TO BRING PEOPLE TOGETHER. For some, social distancing can feel like isolation; so, we think connection is more important now than ever. While the process to get and stay connected to a group is still the same, the platforms have shifted. For the winter trimester of Groups, we will be meeting both IN PERSON and ONLINE. Arbor is opening its doors for groups ready to meet on campus, and online groups will meet in virtual living rooms, offering participation beyond our zip code. We welcome you to browse the group choices and sign up soon for the six weeks of meetings starting in September.


Not all groups look alike, but their intention is the same, which is to BELONG, BELIEVE, and BECOME. This intention takes us from a time of bonding and building trust into a season of growing in our faith… which leads to expressing our faith outwardly in acts of service and generosity. Our connection to each other and Christ will continue to strengthen and flourish as time goes by.


Groups meet in 6-week chunks called trimesters. When you join a group, you’re committing to that particular trimester with the option to re-up as many times as you choose. The breaks in-between trimesters give new members a chance to join and leaders time to catch their breath.


Sign ups for the FALL TRIMESTER starts SEPTEMBER 19. Email for more information.