Meet the Team

Photograph of Ryan Plantz

Ryan Plantz

Lead Pastor

Ryan was born and raised in Chicago, so he’s used to summer being the only season where you see the sun. This makes the Pacific Northwest a perfect fit for him. On grayer days, his life is brightened up significantly by his wife, Kerry (who is a Woodinville native), and their three kids – Ethan, Miles, and Eleanor.

Ryan finds his greatest joy in helping others discover their purpose in life and a place to belong and is convinced those things are most fully found in a relationship with Jesus and with the people of God.

Photograph of Alison Acone

Alison Acone

Associate Pastor

You probably could already tell from her tan, but Alison grew up on sunny Southern California beaches before she and her husband relocated in 1990 to the slower pace of life found in… Bellevue. Ironic.

The smile lines on her face are brought to you by many years in youth ministry, her three adult children, and three little granddaughters. After experiencing her share of tears, Alison’s deepest desire now is to help the hurting find the hope and comfort only Jesus can bring.

Photograph of Hayden Wright

Hayden Wright

Creative Arts Director

It may sound cliche, but growing up in Vancouver, Washington means Hayden naturally loves the cold rain, especially if there’s a hot coffee in his hand. When it comes time to thaw out, he and his wife, Sara, have a passion for traveling to new cultures where they love to try all the regional foods.

In addition to leading worship, and sarcasm, Hayden is also supporting our communication platforms with graphic and visual design.

Photograph of Bryan Cobley

Bryan Cobley

Family Ministries Director

Bryan is often mistaken for Aquaman, but ironically he can’t swim. He grew up in Modesto, California, but thankfully answered the youth ministry call to move northward. His favorite things include: football, food, family, and friends (in that order).

Bryan and his wife Audra are raising their son, Kade, to love Jesus and the San Francisco 49ers (in that order).

Photograph of Cathryn Klein

Cathryn Klein


Cathryn and her husband, Mike, have lived in the Seattle area since they married. They are the proud parents of two amazing adult children and live with a sweet Goldendoodle. She currently works full-time as a bookkeeper at Acres of Diamonds. Her greatest joy in life is to walk with people as they discover their value, worth and purpose in Jesus. She also enjoys making music, gardening, sewing, and laughing with others.

Photograph of Darcy Hakkarainen

Darcy Hakkarainen


Darcy grew up in Arbor’s backyard and as a teen came to faith in Jesus through Young Life. Her love of outdoor activity led her to meet her husband, Timo, where they both worked for REI. Learning to climb Mount Rainier together was their first adventure; raising three children was the next!

Darcy shines brightest in worship, prayer, and in the sunshine. Her heart is to help others know the love and grace of Jesus, a beautiful combination with her leadership gifts as an elder.

Photograph of Jonathan McPherson

Jonathan McPherson


Jonathan has lived all over the USA, but married a local girl and now calls the Pacific Northwest his home. He and his wife Kelly have been part of many ministries at Arbor and can often be found in the company of their three adorable children. Jonathan loves reading books and riding his bicycle, and is an amateur pianist. He’s also a bit of a computer nerd and has a day job writing software.

Photograph of Scott Hetherington

Scott Hetherington

Teaching Elder

Scott volunteers on the teaching team here at Arbor and also serves on our elder board. Not only is he a great communicator, he can pretty much do everything else… and has! From backpacking, to guiding white-water rafting trips, Scott loves to be outdoors. He’s a former youth pastor, camp director, and the current principal at Spiritridge Elementary in Bellevue.

More than all of that, he is a dedicated father of three, who loves Jesus with all his heart.