Jake Goetze


Jake is a Pacific Northwest native: a flannel, trucks, and country music guy raised in the small town of Eatonville. When he’s not fishing, he’s hanging out with his wife and kids, hopefully at Disneyland.

After the loss of their 3-year-old daughter, Magnolia, Jake has a renewed passion to tell others about Jesus and the heaven their little girl is now playing in. He is grateful for the people of Arbor Church partnering together to share that message.

Garrett Birkeland


Born and raised in the PNW, Garrett’s a little bit city, a little bit country. A connoisseur of slapstick comedy, great food and a love for adventure, you can find him on the river scaring away the fish as he’s slipping, filling his waders with water and laughing too hard to stand back up.

Experiencing God & spending time with his wife & three kids are his two greatest passions. God is great and His love displayed through the local church can change the world!

Anna Chadwick

Kids & Groups

Raised in Big Sky Country, Anna made the Pacific Northwest home a dozen years ago with her childhood sweetheart, Kevin. Together they have succeeded in creating three sons with the most phenomenal eyelashes known to mankind: Riley, Liam, and Brecken.

Anna’s education as an elementary school teacher has given her great insight in creating our kids’ program here at Arbor. We love that God also prepared her for this position with leadership experience in MOPS and women’s ministries. But most of all, we love that He gave Anna a heart for discipleship, a gentle sense of humor, a work ethic that won’t quit and world-class s’more making skills.

Alison Acone

Community Care

You probably could already tell from her tan, but Alison grew up on the sunny Southern California beaches before “seeing the light” and moving to the PNW (and no, that light was not the sun).

Alison married the boy next door and together they raised three kids to be fully functional adults.., then to their surprise, those adult children moved away! Fortunately, grandchildren are a thing.

Caring for the Arbor community is Alison’s ministry dream come true. For a novice writer who spends the bulk of her day wordsmithing, the best she can muster to describe this privilege? INDESCRIBABLE.

Bryan Cobley

Student Pastor

Bryan grew up in Modesto, California, but he could not take the sunshine any more, so he decided to move to the Pacific Northwest. His favorite things include: Football, Food, Family, and Friends (in that order).

Bryan and his wife Audra are expecting their first child and are excited for the new adventure that God has them on. New city, New church, New kid, No problem!

Cara and Jack Werner


Once upon a time, Cara and Jack met on a worship team and fell in love. They decided to permanently make beautiful music together in 2009. Since then, God has increased their “band” by adding to it 4 children: Leroy, Owen, Chance and Harley.

Their many years of worship experience has blessed our church as we seek to glorify God together. Additionally, beyond sheer musical talent, Jack also serves our church with media and technical art expertise, making the Werner impact at Arbor even stronger.