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Thursday Nights

from 7-9pm at Arbor.

At Arbor WE LOVE STUDENTS! We are determined to provide a place for teenagers to connect with God, other students, and older committed leaders who are dedicated to seeing them grow closer to Christ. It’s a safe place to learn about Jesus, make some life-long friends, and of course, have fun.

Every Thursday, middle school and high school students combine for crazy games and an interactive message about Jesus. From there they break into groups to ask questions and discuss the biblical truths they just heard. Sometimes the evening extends into ‘After Hours’ (at local restaurant) where the leaders and students who can make it continue the chaos and conversations.

Bottom line, we want students to feel like part of the family… because they are! Students aren’t the next generation to come. They are the generation of here and now, and we want to love, invest, and point them to Jesus.

Check out Instagram and Facebook for more info, or feel free to email Bryan if you have a question.