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This Sunday we’re excited to get back to our regularly scheduled service times…. it feels like one step closer to normal! The 9 and 11am timeslots allow for greater flexibility for your Sundays; we want to serve those who frontload worship prior to kickoff… and also serve those who sleep in!

Additionally, we’ve bumped ArborKids Online to begin at 8:50am. This allows parents to log their kids to the Zoom Room, grab a cup of coffee, and then pop online themselves for Arbor Sunday Service. According to the families surveyed recently, this is going to be a win/win for parents and kids. We hope this flex enables each member of your family to connect to their faith community more effectively.

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Not only will we attend our online services at a new time, we will also be in a new LOCATION.

The Arbor Online Campus is your new favorite place to be on Sunday morning. We’ve converted our old website into a front door… simply click the big button marked CHURCH ONLINE and enter in. As you worship and learn in Arbor’s service, you can also engage with the online Bible app, the sermon notes, and prayer leaders who can receive your requests and pray realtime for you.

For the foreseeable future, services will also air on our Facebook and YouTube platforms, but we’re pretty sure the Online Campus will provide a richer encounter with your church family in this season. Check it out this weekend and let us know how you like it!


In all the months we’ve stocked the Food Bank at Woodin Elementary, we’ve never seen bare shelves… until THIS week. Thirty families swept through on Thursday, wiping out our contributions and requiring us to go hard after replenishing donations now.

We consider these folks part of our extended family, as are the seniors we support at the Northshore Senior Center. Their needs are ours to meet; we are honored with this responsibility. In fact, we keep in mind the words of Jesus in Matthew 25… when we feed the hungry or serve “the least of these,” we serve Jesus Himself.

Pandemics are hard, but giving should not be. Donations are accepted 24/7 at the back door of Arbor. On behalf of hungry families, thank you!

Go Hawks!

The Arbor Team