You are missed, Arbor Family! Distancing is clearly not how the church is meant to live long term; we can’t wait till we’re together again. On the horizon is our next GROUPS trimester, however! Granted, we’ll be on Zoom, but we’ll still be able to grow in our faith and friendships. I think by this time of coronavirus we 100% agree those are two values to cultivate!

To join a group that begins in May, fill out the GROUPFINDER CARD here. Social distancing doesn’t have to mean isolation! Let’s flex how we roll and make the best of our situation… let’s be TOGETHER however we can!


Our little FOOD BANK has been quite the source of surprise lately! It started as a supplemental stream of groceries to bolster Woodin Elementary’s free and reduced lunch families… and then, due to your massive generosity, it has ballooned to a system that helps feed and support nearly 30 families from the school! Woodin’s pantry is wiped out every week due to increased numbers in need.

What this means is that EVERY WEEK we need to generate the donations to sustain supplies. Every week, families use up the pasta you put in the bin. Every week, families eat up all their tuna. Every week, kids eat the last cookie in the box. You know this because you experience it yourself at home; the difference is we’re often able to restock our own pantries. We have enough in the bank. But not everyone does.

If you are able, we invite you to partner with us as we feed hungry families in our backyard. The bin is outside Arbor for donations during office hours, Monday through Thursday. All pantry staples are welcome; the most urgently needed are on the graphic above. Thank you for your WEEKLY generosity!


We’re getting our groove with these online services, aren’t we? By the time we settle on the couch Sundays at 9:30, we’re holding our favorite mug of coffee and our favorite slippers are on. We sing out loud with worship and laugh just as loudly at Jake’s dad jokes. The one thing we could improve is quickly and easily finding where the service is broadcasting.

By SUBSCRIBING to our YouTube channel, you will be able to find our livestream easily on the left sidebar of your YouTube homepage. You will be notified of Sunday’s broadcast and be able to access it without struggle. Try it out this weekend!

Continuing to hold you up in prayer, family. Praying the joy of Easter has continued to fill your spirits with hope. God’s grace is covering and carrying us until we’re together again!

The Arbor Team