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Summer of 2020 ended with a bang for ARBOR STUDENTS last week at their outdoor COLOR WAR, celebrating their last week at the Tent Church location. The fun isn’t over for Arbor’s 6th-12th graders, though… they are just moving youth group inside for the school year.


Bryan Cobley and his team have worked hard to create a safe space for students to connect and grow in their faith every Thursday at 7pm. As you might imagine, quarantine is particularly strenuous for teens and preteens! Arbor is thrilled to be able to provide relational ministry in person to this age group just when they need it most.

For more information on how you can encourage the teens and preteens in your life to come out on Thursday nights, email Bryan.


Students aren’t the only ones invited to connect and grow in their faith this fall. GROUPS are beginning the first week of October, and this is a perfect time to sign up.

Arbor is designing safe and comfortable FAMILY ROOMS where we can gather for the longed-for fellowship we’ve been missing. Respect will be given to distance, mask, and cleaning guidelines; if you are ready to join others indoors, we are ready as well.

Not everyone is able to be together in person, so we are also offering ONLINE GROUPS. This is exciting news, since this will allow others outside our zip code to easily participate! These online groups will provide connection for those who have moved out of the area, those who have found us via service streaming, or those who need to limit risk exposures.

We love being a both/and kind of church when we can. Groups in person AND groups online.. there is truly something for everyone! Sign up today by clicking here.


The Seattle Times reported just this morning that “food insecurity around the state is at historically high levels,” and expected to worsen as the pandemic continues. Our FOOD BANK isn’t flashy or glamorous, but we appreciate having a practical, tangible, and ongoing way to love our neighbor.

In fact, just this week we are adding grocery support to the NORTHSHORE SENIOR CENTER in addition to WOODIN ELEMENTARY. The coordinator at NSC says on each distribution day there is a line of seniors stretching into the parking lot, each waiting their turn for juice, chicken noodle soup, and jam. We can’t say no to them, can we?

Your faithful support matters. It may not seem like much to put groceries in the back bin, but truly your contribution adds up and feeds babies, children, parents… and now seniors. What a privilege we have to provide for them.

If you’d like to support this effort on a greater level - such as being on our distribution, collection, or organization level - email Alison for details. Thank you in advance for partnering with us as we serve our Arbor neighborhood.

“See you” Sunday on Facebook and Youtube! Service begins at 9:30 but is viewable at any point after that if you accidentally sleep in.

Go Hawks!

The Arbor Team